Praetorian Guard Airsoft  Team   
Picture taken before a
Skirmish at Fort Lewis, WA
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Picture taken prior to a day
mission with the 173rd
Airborne in Kirkuk, Iraq 2003.
Praetorian Guard Airsoft
Praetorian Guard Airsoft is one of a few Pacific
Northwest Airsoft based team dedicated to
promoting an extreme sport that requires basic
military tactics.

The team was founded in April 2009 after a
group of ex-military and civilian friends decided
to have some weekend fun while learning
about the military regimental way of life.

Our mission statement is to provide a safe and
fun environment for all Airsoft enthusiast of all
ages while supporting the military community
and recognizing the ultimate sacrifice of their

We meet at least twice a month for a weekend
skirmish and participate in local events hosted
by other Airsoft team.

If you have the desire for an outdoor Airsoft
experience, please do not hesitate to contact
us. Please see the
Recruiter below to enlist.
Rome History Site
Battlefield Report
Praetorian Guard Camp
Praetorian Guard HQ